Cracked Bells and Washed Out Horns
Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Someone's got it in for me...
Dedicated to Hillary Clinton, who's learning that the answer to the question, "Have you no shame?" is increasingly becoming "Shame? What's that?"

Now Hillary is no saint, but nobody deserves a book full of anonymous sources that distorts your personal life the way Ed Klein's new book Why Nobody Should Take Ed Klein Seriously Ever Again, does. I don't care how bad Hillary has or hasn't been, we've gone completely out of bounds on what should and shouldn't be part of the discourse.

Included in the book are claims that:

1) Bill raped Hillary when Chelsea was conceived
2) Hillary is a lesbian
3) Bill cheats on Hillary constantly and publicly...and she knows

The thing is, I can buy the last two arguments; but you know what? ITS NONE OF MY BUSINESS. Even if she were to run for and win the presidency, its still NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

Klein is taking the cowards way out, claiming that he doesn't claim any of these things, it is his anonymous sources that do. Far Right Mouthpiece Matt Drudge offers some ideas here:, but my friend's at Salon dissect Klein, his book, and his motives here:

Lets be clear about this. I'm not a Hillary fan or anything; but I do hate this level of mud slinging. Any R that jumps on this train has made it clear, they can join Klein and Drudge: they indeed have no shame.
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